Third Party Applications

Presented here are two applications that are fun and can be useful for learning asbrainfinger control. In each case a brainfinger profile is included .

To download a profile right click on the profile link. A small window will appear. Select "Save Target As..." A Save As window will appear. Click on "My Computer" or "This PC". Double click on "Local Disk (C:)". Double click on "Nia Profiles". In the lower left of the window you will see "File Name", which should display the name of the Profile. Below that you should see "Save As Type". The type should read "NIA File". If it reads "Text File", click on the down arrow and select "All Files". Next click on "Save" to copy profile to Nia Profiles folder. When you run Brainfingers and select "Desktop Access" you should see this profile included in the list of profiles.

In some cases there will be a zip file of the actual application that you will need to download and unzip. To unzip you will need to use Winzip or someother unzip method. Search the internet for an unzip program if you don't have one, Winzip is a good one, offers a 45 day trial period and is inexpensive.
Win 10 and 8.1 includes an unzip method.


Skate Girl Game

This game gives brainfinger control of a three dimensional jet powered skateboard. The three dimensions of control are; left arrow to turn left, right arrow to turn right and up arrow to move forward. In the Skate Girl Profile the joystick J1-Muscle is used to control the left arrow event, J2-Glance to control the right arrow event and J4-Alpha-Relax to control the up arrow event. When you run the program it is important that you click in the Skate Girl window so it has focus to accept the brainfingers events. After launching onto desktop with the Skate Girl Profile click in the Skate Girl window.

Skate Girl Instructions.pdf

Skate Girl Setup.msi

Skate Girl Profile  

Tapper Music Performance

Use Brainfingers to play music. The Tapper Folder includes the Tapper program and a bunch of midi songs plus instructions on how to get Tapper going with Brainfingers. It's fun to play music using Brainfingers and Tapper. Open the Tapper Instructions and then download and install the Tapper Profile and download and unzip the Tapper Folder.

Tapper Instructions.pdf

Tapper Profile      



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